StratResources Geologic Consulting, PLLC


Welcome to the StratResources Geologic Consulting, PLLC information page. I provide oil & natural gas geologic consulting services and conversion of paper well logs to electronic raster (TIF) or vector format (LAS) files. My goal is to provide you or your investors the very best in geologic analysis of the hydrocarbon potential or your wellbore, lease, or area of interest.  Here is a list of services I currently provide:


Oil & Natural Gas Prospect Generation


Oil & Natural Gas Assessment of Properties for Acquisition


Quantitative Well Log Analysis


Analysis of Driller's Cuttings & Core Descriptions


Quality Control of Well Logging at Wellsite


Volumetric Reserve Estimates from Logs


Reservoir Evaluation for Water Injection or Disposal


Conversion of Paper Well Logs into Raster Format Images (TIF) or Vector Format (LAS) Files


Training Classes:

Paleozoic Stratigraphy of the Northern Appalachian Basin

Sequence Stratigraphy Using Well Logs in Upper Devonian Sandstones, Appalachian Basin