StratResources Geologic Consulting, PLLC

               Cary Kuminecz, President/Owner of StratResources Geologic Consulting, PLLC

As an AAPG Certified Petroleum Geologist and a Licensed Professional Geologist (New York and Pennsylvania) with 40 years of industry experience and 30 years in the Appalachian Basin and surrounding areas, Cary Kuminecz brings a wealth of practical knowledge and success as an oil and gas finder to your project.


Cary has 40 years experience as an active petroleum geologist. After he received a Master’s Degree in Geology from Indiana University in 1980 he was hired by Exxon USA and was a successful prospect generator in both their Production and Exploration Departments. In 1986 Cary joined Exxon’s Regional/Frontier Group and was responsible for investigating new play opportunities from the Mesozoic section of the onshore Gulf Coast as well as assessing the remaining reserve potential of all existing Cenozoic plays throughout South Texas.

Cary was hired by National Fuel Gas Company in 1990 to generate drillable prospects on its large acreage holdings in Pennsylvania and New York as well as in Michigan and Ohio. He was responsible for selection and follow-up analysis of several hundred successful prospect locations. Cary developed the correlation framework for the Upper Devonian section across much of the Northern Appalachian Basin, which provided the stratigraphic underpinnings for Seneca Resources' (Natlional Fuel's E&P subsidiary) clastic reservoir analysis and profitable Upper Devonian drilling program.  He was also responsible for compiling a synthesis of Devonian shale geology and a regional reconnaissance study highlighting key elements of the Marcellus Shale play with respect to Seneca’s acreage position in New York and Pennsylvania.

Cary is a Certified Petroleum Geologist and a licensed Professional Geologist in New York & Pennsylvania. In addition, Cary has been an adjunct instructor at several colleges, teaching courses in Geology, Ecology, Earth Science, and Math. He holds a Lifetime Teaching Certificate in Secondary Education (Earth Science/General Science) from the State of Indiana.  

As a Consulting Geologist and President/Owner of StratResources Geologic Consulting since 2012, Cary provides stratigraphic analyses, property evaluation, prospect generation, and well log scanning/digitization services for the oil and gas industry and landowners in the Northeast.  He has successfully worked numerous projects for clients ranging from private landowners to local operators, R&D companies, consultants, and governmental agencies.  He welcomes new clients and is happy to discuss your particular geologic requirements to see if his skill set and experience fit your needs.